2017-05-22 14:36 #0 by: Granja Del Toro

To get some order with the adds, so it will bee easier for people what they are looking for, please follow this simple steps.

If you are selling a particular arabian use one of the follow below

  •  PE Pure Egyptian Arabian
  • PP Pure Polish Arabian
  • E  Egyptian Arabian
  • P Polish Arabian
  • AK Al Khamsa
  • Cr Crabbet
  • PB Part Bred Arabians

The add must contain this listed abowe, then the tittle and lastly the date of the add...


AK stallion for sale 21/5 

In the add you must use this info template, before the info of the horse you are selling

  • Name:
  • Birth Date:
  • Sex:
  • Color:
  • Height:
  • Under Saddle:
  • Temperament: 
  • Other:

You MUST paste this info template in your add and you MUST fill in all the required info, or the add will bee removed.