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Granja Del Toro
2018-02-23 20:09

Maize to horses

My boyfriend and eternal love, is a native indian, and he has been around horses since he was born. He even sometimes competed with his brother in Relay racing. And acording to him my boyfriend was unbeatable in that race. Then he said "Oh, I just let him win" and he gave a grin…I said "Yeah right, says the one that lost"Laughing out loud

My boyfriend is what you could call for a horse whisperer according to my boyfriends brother. According to him, my boyfriend can ride what ever horse you give him, even those what some would call for hopeless cases…

Any ways, once when horse feed came on talk, my boyfriend told me that he and his family gave maize to their horses. I had no idea that you could give that to them. But my boyfriend said that his family has done so for many generations and that lot of native indian people give maize to their horses. Apparently the horses likes maize, it is a bit sweet in taste and far way better than cane sugar cubes. He said that many mix the maize with oats, instead of apples or carrots…🙂

2018-02-26 03:54

That is awesome or should I say a-maizing! Maize is probably very good for them when given as a treat or along with their oats. 

I think it sounds like your boyfriend has a gift with horses! Smile

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Granja Del Toro
2018-02-26 10:07

#1 Yes he has 🙂 But I would say that most native indian's are very good with horses. They are true real horse people, one with the horse, it's spirit, as well as the nature. You could say that they are the true warriors of mother earth, fighting for the balance of mother earth, her animals and everything living within her, they are part of the nature and the animals. Much like the true guardians of planet earth. 🙂

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