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Granja Del Toro
2017-12-08 17:03

Similar dream

I am a bit different from other people. I am what some would call  for a psychic , I ques.  I have been like this since I was a very little girl. Recently i had a dream, that i was looking at album, with a collection of arabian horses. I was going to choose one of this for a purchase, a stallion.  In the book was a black stallion, several bay once and a couple of grays too…I was carefully looking at that album…I woke up shortly after.

In a similar dream, I  several months ago, in a dream i had bought a gray stallion from Sweden, an Egyptian, with the most stunning exotic head. 

My friend, who I am visiting here in Australia, who is also psychic said that the Sweden part in thous dreams most likely is old stuff, from when I actually bought my 2 horses from Sweden several years ago, but that the gray Egyptian stallion in thous two dreams most likely has a important message and i should keep my eyes open.

The stallion might mean that he is the one i should buy in the near future, or it is the father of the colt I am meant to buy! 

Before I bought Toro back in 2000, I had a vision in a dream where I was shown the colt that was going to bee mine. When I later got pictures from a breeder of the colt she had, I almost fell from the chair when I saw Toro's picture, because it was the very same colt I had been shown in a vision in a dream only 2 weeks before i got the pictures from that breeder.

So yes, I am quite certain, that the dreams about that grey stallion i have seen twice in a vision now, has a significant meaning, I just have not figure it out just yet, if it means that he is the one that is meant to me, or if he is the father of a colt that is meant to bee mine in the future…So we will have to see what happens…

2018-01-21 19:25

Dreams are definitely interesting! 🙂

Granja Del Toro
2018-02-04 19:59

#1 Indeed, they can also bee visions and also messages from the higher realms and beyond, to try to warn us and or guide us, as well. That I can say from my personal experiences 🙂

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