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Granja Del Toro
2017-05-24 13:34

Do you find stallions hard to handle?

I am that kind of person that prefer to bee around stallions. I think they are kindhearted charming and loving. I have never had any issues handling a stallion and if you ask me, they are far better than a mare. Some mares tends to get mood swings when in heat…

So my question here is. Do you find stallions hard to handle?

2017-05-26 14:08

I answered no to this, but I am not sure what my answer would be when it regards arabians, since they can be more hotheaded than what I am used to (shetland ponies and other cold-blooded horse breeds).

- Emmy

Hostess of Guinea Pig Savvity

Granja Del Toro
2017-05-26 15:54

I have never had any issues with arabian stallions being hot headed. Yes they are spirited and forward and enjoys a good work out, but I have never had any issues of arabian stallion being difficult to handle at all. In my experience they have been gentle and calm. but forward and willing to work and who enjoys running fast. One or two of the trotting stallions i used to take care of in the trotting stables i have temporary worked in, have been quite hot headed and, quite difficult to work with. One of this stallions was a bad product of two aggressive trotting horses, not even castration helped, he was still aggressive and grumpy, the other stallion had not been threaten right as a colt and there for tended to bee a bit bossy.. In my personal experience a stallion becomes the way you make him. You need to show the colt in early age who is boss, and you will bee fine, and of cause. It helps also if the mother and father are kindhearted individuals with a friendly loving attitude when you breed horses to bee certain to get a good sweet nature colt or filly.  And also that you give them a strict but loving upbringing. My filly that i got with my mare and stallion, had a bit bad behavior, could bee a bit aggressive and get easy grumpy. This is because she was double Algonkina, and what I have understood Algonkina did have a bit of grumpy bossy attitude. And since she got double Algonkina in her pedigree, it increased the chance of cause that my filly would get the attitude of her ancestor Algonkina. So I'd say it depends little about the bloodline about their ancestors personalities, how they where and so on…Most arabians are kindhearted, loving and calm. But fast and spirited while they work, exactly how i want them to bee… 🙂

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