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Granja Del Toro
2017-05-24 16:11

Scare tactics in riding schools

I have to say that i truly have had enough of the scare tactics that they scare children in riding schools. That stallions are dangerous and there for should all bee castrated. I mean, seriously, they are not any more dangerous than a mare or a gelding. And this stupid, yes i say stupid because i think it is stupid the rule they have in Finland and most countries. That you MUST castrate a stallion or you will not bee allowed to rent a place a the riding school's stable for your horse. This nonsense have been on going for way to long, even when i was a kid. Many children got scared and some even started to hate stallions, because of that foolish fear tactics of theirs. I have practiced and worked in many different places during my teens. And this stables have had stallions, and i have never seen such gentleness in them. Even far more gentler than a gelding even. I have only come across one colt that was later castrated, and even after castration no change on his attitude at all. He was the same grumpy trouble making individual that he was when he was born. Even his owner could not even handle it. The thing is, that this trotter was the son out of two aggressive individuals. And he inherited this aggression and bad attitude from both parents.  I am so against this scare tactics and attitude about stallions it is not funny! IT is like saying that mares are all dangerous to bee close and to even ride if one of them happened to have mood swings when she is in heat, or if she happens to bee aggressive due to bad choices of breeding to produce her…

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