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Granja Del Toro
2017-05-24 16:25

Hay or ensilage

I am quite old school, so i prefered good quality hey to my horses, when i still had horses. I like the smell of fresh good quality hay. And then it must bee completely organic and natural. In other words no toxic pesticides. Pure natural, simple old fashioned hay, nothing more nothing less. If the hay bale happened to bee of less quality from the rest. If it was a bit to dusty, i used to let the hay soak in water for a while. We where thought ensilage was the best in school where i used to study to become a pro horse keeper. Yes it do have it advantages, it gets rarely dusty.  And there for suits great for horses that are sensitive for dust and for those with allergies. But I am old school and in my opinion pure natural good quality hay will and for ever bee the best and only for me, as far as hay and ensilage is concerned.

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