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Granja Del Toro
2017-05-23 22:02

Great jumping skills

Already as a colt my stallion Mio El Toro, had very great jumping skills. This he had herited from his grandfather Bajano. I remember once when a couple of young girls told me that they had witness Toro jump over 1 meter high pasture and run into his box inside the stable. The colts that he was in the pasture with had been bullying him and Toro was just sick and tired of it and wanted to bee alone. He was just 11 months old back then.  When he was  1 years and 2 months old he jumped 120 cm high obstacles, with pro style and confidence. If he did not manage to jump over it the first time he tried again and once he made it, he neighed highly out of pure pride that he made it. He was such a lovely colt back then. How many of you like to jump obstacles with your arabian horses and are you competing in show jumping with them?

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