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Granja Del Toro
2017-05-23 13:53

My first horse

Back in 1999 after I came home from Kimito, which is 50 KM from Turku, my parents promised me a horse. They had bought my brother when he was a teen a motorcycle and thought it was only fair that i would get a horse. That day I was looking at add on internet. I found a beautiful mare that could bee one option. I continued and then i saw him, the most beautiful dark bay stallion, with the most beautiful blaze i had seen and the most beautiful eyes that seemed to radiate pure harmony and love. I fell madly in love with this stallion, and no matter how much my parents tried to convince me to get the arabian mare, i still wanted the stallion.  His name was Amigo, and he had old classic polish blood lines with several racehorse champions in his pedigree, like the legendary Czort and Wielki Zslem. Amigo was the son to Cereus and Alabama. Alabama was the daughter of Algoa, one of Polands most famous racehorse. Cereus in turn was the son of Crezus. I remember like it was only yesterday, the joy i felt when i got him home. We conected and the connection was powerful. I knew he was my horse, even in soul. We knew each other completely, in and out.  When ever he carried me on his back, he carried me like a goddess, with pure pride. He loved me deeply as deeply i loved him. He shared me up with kissing my cheek when I was sad, by rolling his upper lip against my cheek.  He was a wonderful special stallion, my first arabian stallion and will not bee the last one either. He was put to sleep 3rd March 2000, due to a severe leg injury that they could not fix, that he got after slipping on hidden ice. He is deeply missed.

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