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Granja Del Toro
2017-05-23, 11:57

*RIP* Alcala

Alcala was the daughter of Alca, an Alabama and Alrex  daughter. She had an old classic polish pedigree to die for. Her father Cereus was the son of Crezus. She was dark bay in color and she was truly the most amazing mare I have ever come across. She trusted humans way to much, a bit to much for her own good. Even if some people where not to nice to her, like the stable owner where i used to have her before I relocated her. He used violence on her if she was showing inpatient when it was feeding time and she had to wait on her food and got a bit inpatient. I was not to pleased when i found this out so I relocated her to another stable where they where friendlier. I later found out that the owner used to work in one of Australia's stables, but got fired due to the way he was handling the horses and treated them. So he returned home to Finland and made his own stable where he could treat his horses the way he liked. If I had known this how he treated and handled the horses, I would never have taken Alcala to that stable in the first place. Alcala lived happily at our own little stable and died of age when she was 23 years old. She is deeply missed.

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