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Granja Del Toro
2017-05-22 17:01

Polish stallions PLEASE READ

To get some order in the stallion at stud section, we want everyone who wants to add their stallion for stud, to follow this small rules.  The stallion at stud add must contain this information template bellow, so paste it and add it to your add…

  • Name:
  • Color:
  • Height:
  • Other:

As other you can add Homozygous black, if the stallion is homozygous for black. You can also add champion if the stallion is a show champion.

You MUST have this info template in the add and fill in the info. The add will bee removed if this information is not added with the add.

You will also need to add if the stallion is  a pure polish or polish. Use one of this signs bellow in the title of the add

  • PP Pure Polish
  • P Polish
  • HP Half Polish

Pure Polish means that the horse is an import from Poland

Polish means that the horse has polish bloodlines, but no polish import

Half Polish means that the horse is part polish, mixed with either crabbet or egyptian.

Example of stallion at stud title add

PP Czort standing at stud 21/5

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